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News: April 2014, Rachel was played on BBC Radio once again, We hope she will become a regular on their play-list.


 News: 21.11.11. 'Soaring Spirit' played on Classic f.m. approx 22.30 by Margherita Taylor. (What a great presenting voice she has too).

More News: Found myself in Classic FM magazine this month (December).


 Background story to my music

'Dreamcatcher' is the title of my debut album, all of which I have composed and play myself. The final recordings were made on a wonderful Steinway under studio conditions. You can watch some of the practice versions on Youtube. There are also one or two other recordings there that you can listen to that are not available for sale (yet).

When producing the whole album, I was lucky enough to have a brilliant team behind me that helped me to achieve what has been described as a 'world class recording', and 'the type of music that makes you wish you had kept up those piano lessons'.

I have had loads of other really positive feedback too, so thanks to you all for that.

The team strongly felt that piano lovers might also appreciate the sheet music so we have made it available too.

If you get a chance, take a look at my YouTube page, there are some live versions of me playing some of the tracks from my album and some other things for you to enjoy. I recently added 'Song of the Deep'.

You can get there by clicking on the link below or the one to the left. I am also going to be adding some more new things there shortly so keep in touch.

You can listen to some short sample tracks from Dreamcatcher here, or you can immerse yourself in the whole thing on Spotify or some of the other music sites. Oh, and don't forget to buy the album..... from here or from some of our other music industry partners like iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby, amongst others. 

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Best Regards, Rachel M Davis                                                 December 6th 2012                                                          

We are new to the music industry and have produced what we believe is a world class recording. We have a great team of music professionals behind us including Matthew & Paul at Mu-Mu (sound) and Alan Smith (Sibelius/score transcription), but whether or not you are in the music industry, if you have any thoughts or advice, we would love to hear from you.

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